Hotels in Israel

The quietest place near Jerusalem
Kosher Glatt Mehadrin under the supervision of Badatz Eda Charedit
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A hotel worth staying in the Holy City
Glatt Mehadrin-under the supervision Badatz Mehadrin of the Jerusalem Rabanut and Glatt Mehadrin OU.
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Luxurious suites with stunning views
Special Shabbat meals under the supervision of the Eda Charedit
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New and luxurious hotel in Tiberias
Kosher LeMehadrin under the supervision of Badaz Eda Haredit.
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Magical vacation in Tiberias
Vacation in Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem
Glatt kosher Lemehadrin supervision Badatz Jerushalaim and Badatz OU
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Orthodox Atmosphere in the Heart of the Holy City
Kosher Glatt LeMehadrin – Badatz Agudat Israel
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A Royal Experience in Central Jerusalem
Kosher Glatt LeMehadrin – Jerusalem Rabbinate
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Pampering Resort in Beautiful Surroundings
Kosher LeMehadrin under the supervision of Rav Avraham Zvi Hacohen
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The hotel with suites and apartments in the heart of Jerusalem
Glatt Kosher Mehadrin under the supervision of the rabbanut of Jerusalem
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Boutique Hotel in Northern Israel
Kosher under supervision of Regional Religious Council Merom Galilee
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Mehadrin vacation on the slopes of the Carmel
The kashrut is Glatt Kosher Lemehadrin, supervised by the local Rabanut. All products are strictly Kosher Lemehadrin
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The rural hotel in the upper Galil
Kosher Lemehadrin, under the supervision of the Rabanut Hatzor Haglilit
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Kosher L׳Mehadrin, Jerusalem Rabbinat
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Holiday in a religious Kibbutz
Glatt Kosher under the supervision of the Lower Galilee Religious Council - Rabbi Yosef Chaim Rosenblatt
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Religious atmosphere on the Kineret
Kosher Lemehadrin. The kitchen is under the supervision of Rabbi Yishai Samuel - Head of the Kosher Department of the Golan Heights - according to the instructions of Rabbi Aharon Yosef Auerbach, rabbi of Tiberias.
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Geffen st. 23/3
Harish 3760305, Israel
Phone +972-9-7484846
Fax +972-4-6831995
Skype: kosher-holidays
In the US call 718-395-3553
In the UK call 020-8123-8676
In France call 0970-406-496
In Switzerland call 44-586-66-59