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An Oceanfront Vacation in a Chareidi, Kosher L’Mehadrin Atmosphere.
Exclusively at the Galei Sanz Hotel in Netanya.
The only hotel directly facing the waves…With enormous rooftop terraces that overlook the sea and the impressive promenade along the separate beach. A djacent to the chassidish neighborhood of Netanya, on the shores of the Mediterranean.The new prestigious Galei Sanz Boutique Hotel offers you a refreshingly tranquil, first-class hospitality experience.
Come enjoy a relaxing vacation with royal accommodations, in our newly renovated and upgraded hotel. The hotel’s accommodations provide an enchanting, luxurious getaway for our community— all week long and especially on Shabbos.
A deluxe, uncompromisingly Chareidi vacation destination.


The hotel reopened under new management with a polite, professional staff that has the experience to provide top service to the many guests who will be choosing Galei Sanz as their ideal vacation destination. The new Galei Sanz is geared for the Dati and Chareidi communities and offers its guests a Kosher L’Mehadrin vacation experience. The hotel features: 81 exclusive rooms, luxury suites, spacious and well-maintained event and conference halls, well-tended grounds, porches and terraces overlooking the stunning sea, a, well-equipped shul, and exceptional culinary delights served at the hotel itself and at the gourmet restaurant. The hotel even has a pool complex that features a spa and a mikvah taharah—with uncompromising adherence to the principles of modesty according to the most stringent Halachic rulings. With the hotel’s reopening, now even the most careful Chareidi vacationer can enjoy a Kosher L’Mehadrin vacation. Come dine on rich, gourmet meals that are under the supervision of Beis Din Tzedek of the Sanz community, savor the refined atmosphere the entire week and particularly our royal “Me’ein Olam Haba” hospitality on Shabbos Kodesh.
The Galei Sanz management team are experts in the hospitality, culinary, and hotel fields. And they are committed to honoring every nuance of Chareidi life so you can really relax and just enjoy.

Meeting hall
Wirleless internet
Heated pool
Separate pool
Access for disabled
24 Hours Desk
Hotel restarunt


At the redone Galei Sanz Hotel we have 81 lovely, renovated rooms. All of them are well maintained and all were designed and outfitted to a high standard that assures you an enjoyable, pampering vacation. Choose from our suites, mini suites or spacious rooms, with private terraces or window facing the Mediterranean. Some rooms have a view of the hotel’s lush grounds. All rooms are equipped with: a safe, highly filtered WIFI, A/C, washing cup, fridge, telephone, and tea/coffee supplies. The hotel is both accessible and suited to the needs of handicapped guests.

Rooms with sea view
Internet in the room
Telephone with direct outside line
Rooms with minibar
Air conditioning


The Galei Sanz Hotel is located across from Netanya’s city beaches — pristinestretches of sea and sand that are among the most beautiful in the country. The coastline is replete with inspiring views of the rocks and cliffs at the foot of a stunning promenade. During the summer months you can head down to the beach and take a dip among the waves.
The Galei Sanz Hotel is located next to the insular Kiryat Sanz neighborhood of Netanya — a short trip from the city center, adjacent to the beachside promenade, and a short distance from a nature reserve and the other local attractions.The hotel is also considered a strategic departure point for trips in the area, to the central region, and to the North. The hotel’s central location enables you to take advantage of the abundant local attractions and those in the surrounding regions. The city of Netanya is situated on major traffic arteries, including the “beach road” (Highway 2) and Highway 57. The beaches of Netanya encompass a sprawling 13.5 kilometers of Eretz Yisrael’s most exquisite, golden beaches. Netanya’s beaches run from the northern part of the city until to the base of the limestone cliffs and from the southern section until the mouth of the Poleg Stream. The limestone ridges that “nip” the shoreline provide visitors with high observation posts from which they can gaze at the expanses of the Mediterranean. Along the shoreline, there are 7 official beaches that local residents and tens of thousands of tourists from Eretz Yisrael and worldwide use during the summer months. At the beaches, there are a number of restaurants, bathing facilities, and various attractions. The Netanya coastline is the center of a wide range of activities: surfing, beach volleyball, beach soccer, water sports, and of course — the paragliders that already became the symbol of the city long ago.

Netanya’s separate beach facilities underwent a comprehensive renovation and now feature: convenient stairs leading to the beach, a pleasant restroom and dressing room building, and an improved fence, lifeguard tower, shade canopies, and exercise equipment. For the benefit of the swimmers, the beach also has a Kosher L’Mehadrin snack stand, supervision, first aid and Hatzalah services. The beach is open for swimming from the summer season through the yom tov of Succos.




The restaurant of the hotel is kosher lemehadrin under the strict supervision of Badaz Kiriat Zans.





From Yerushalayim: 407
From central Bet Shemesh: 624
From Elad: 270
From Bnei Brak: 612, 613, 614
From Beitar: 177



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