The ideal place to stay in Antwerp
The hotel is not kosher but kosher breakfast can be ordered on request. The hotel has a special arrangement with Hoffy׳s restaurant to cater the guest that want kosher meals. Hoffy׳s is known in Antwerp for the quality of the Jewish food. They serve only Glatt kosher, under supervision of Rabbi Eli
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Kosher Vacation in Antwerp
Non Kosher hotel, located nearby a Kosher restaurant. Kosher breakfast if ordered in advance.
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Geffen st. 23/3
Harish 3760305, Israel
Phone +972-9-7484846
Fax +972-4-6831995
Skype: kosher-holidays
In the US call 718-395-3553
In the UK call 020-8123-8676
In France call 0970-406-496
In Switzerland call 44-586-66-59