Hotel in the Jewish area with kosher lemehadrin breakfast
Strictly kosher breakfast with several kosher restaurants nearby
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Hotel Starlight Salzgries
Non-Kosher hotel, located near a Kosher restaurant and a synagogue
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Luxurious vacation in Vienna with kosher breakfast available.
By previous request it is possible to order a kosher breakfast. hotel but it is possible to order kosher breakfast with a supplement. The hotel is close to the Chabad Kosher restaurant.
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Stay in the Heart of Vienna
Non kosher hotel, kosher lemehadrin breakfast in the room upon request. Under Rav Margaliot supervision
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Geffen st. 23/3
Harish 3760305, Israel
Phone +972-9-7484846
Fax +972-4-6831995
Skype: kosher-holidays
In the US call 718-395-3553
In the UK call 020-8123-8676
In France call 0970-406-496
In Switzerland call 44-586-66-59