Closest to Rabbi Nachman
Kosher Mehadrin with synagogue and mikveh
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A luxurious hotel near a kosher restaurant
Non kosher hotel - near a kosher restaurant and a synagogue
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Have you thought about something different, fascinating, unique? Here it is.
Every morning all guests have a unique opportunity to enjoy a kosher breakfast and try national Jewish dishes. A kosher breakfast’s special feature is a separate consumption of meat and dairy products. That is why the menu is made up of dairy and fish dishes, as well as of all kinds of pastries, fre
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Geffen st. 23/3
Harish 3760305, Israel
Phone +972-9-7484846
Fax +972-4-6831995
Skype: kosher-holidays
In the US call 718-395-3553
In the UK call 020-8123-8676
In France call 0970-406-496
In Switzerland call 44-586-66-59